Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS)

Gotcha Reward Program

The “Gotcha” Reward Program is a school-wide behavior program that John Trumbull Primary School has been following for the past eight years. The goal for the program is to improve and maintain a school climate that focuses on promoting and explicitly teaching positive behaviors. Students are taught Respectful, Responsible and Ready behaviors for all areas of the school building. Students caught displaying the school-wide positive expectations (“The 3 R’s”) are verbally reinforced and are given a “Gotcha”. These “Gotchas” will be exchanged each month for a variety of reward items on “Gotcha Reward Day”. Additionally, there are entertaining assemblies to reinforce the teaching of the behavior expectations and exciting school-wide rewards scheduled throughout the school year. Don’t forget to ask your child about the expectations and the rewards they have earned!